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Thread: What Are Your favorite Filler Foods?

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    For me, hard boiled eggs have some kind of magic protein/fat thing going that shuts my appetite down almost immediately. Way cheap source of protein. If you don't like them plain and don't have time or inclination to make home made mayo, a tablespoon of half and half + salt and pepper smooshed in makes egg salad.

    Also potatoes, though not for everyday. Budget supper: cube and boil a potato. Once you can pierce the potato with a fork, drain in collander. Heat some leftover bacon fat (or fat of your choice). Dump in the potatoes, chopped onion, chopped pepper, and when those are nice and toasty, pour in however many scrambled eggs, salt and pepper, and cook through. That dish got me through some lean college days.
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    radishes/baby cucs, nuts, chopped cabbage with salt and balsamic vinegar, mushed cauliflower with a touch of coconut milk, hot broth or hot lemon water with salt and cayenne pepper.
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    For me, the hunger didn't go away until I started keeping my carbs low, like 50-80. No taters, very little fruit.. Took about 2 weeks and my belly burning and hunger went away. Thank God! It was driving me nuts. I have weight to lose, hoping when it's gone my metabolism might work better and I can venture out a little? Don't know. But it sure is nice to be full. Last night, I was eating supper at the computer and got done eating and realized I didn't finish my smaller than usual plate. I didn't want what was left. Ha! THAT is a miracle right there. I've always had "I could eat" disease, and often, "I gotta eat" disease.

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    Really Big Ass Salads, preferably with leafy greens as main ingredient (lettuce or spinach), onions, avocado, ... and lots of boiled eggs. Concrete quantities: usually a salad for two have 2-3 avocados and 12-15 eggs, I eat around 2/3 of the salad.

    If I'm too lazy to make this salad in the evening, I 'binge' on fruit (which is not that bad), or worse - my urge for some pizza become really strong.

    Nuts are hardly feeling for me - I can eat tons of them without any sense of fullness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyL View Post
    For me, the hunger didn't go away until I started keeping my carbs low
    Same for me. If I do get hungry and want quick satiation I go for the fat - a tablespoon of coconut oil in a cup of coffee if I don't want to eat a meal yet. Avocado works for me too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott442 View Post
    My favorite low calorie snack is gluten free Wheat Bread. There are only 70 calories in two slices, and they taste great with some reduced sugar jelly/jam smeared in between them. It taste delicious. Recently there are many great companies creating healthy vegan snacks product like SheffaFoods, dawnfoods and many more– you can Google them and take a look at their product line, they taste great too!
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    I like brazil nuts.

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    Took Judg's advice and tried stir-fry, and was amazed at the amount of vegetables I ate (and I LIKE vegetables, there's usually no problem with me eating them), and felt pleasantly(not grotesquely) stuffed for hours. But usually...fat!

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    Eggs....Only like 8 of them and I'm full. Thats only like 500-700 calories (depends how your cooking and how big the eggs).

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    Nothing fills me up fast like white potatoes. They're extremely nutritious per calorie and it doesn't get much more inexpensive.
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    I don't eat fillers to feel full. If I get really desperate, I will have coffee with cream or a 20 minute walk.

    I eat more potatoes or more fat if I know if I'm going to get hungry. And I get a pretty good idea of knowing if I'll get hungry as the days keep passing and I understand more about my natural hunger.

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