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Thread: costco olive oil help?

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    Yes, it is hard to find good and cheap price olive oil. Therefore, we start to plant our own olive trees and cue them for eating.


    Quote Originally Posted by waterjen View Post
    All -
    Finding quality and true olive oil is difficult enough. But I'm looking for the light-tasting but pure olive oil to use in making homemade mayo. Does anyone have any advice or favored brands for that purpose?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shep68 View Post
    Can we assume if an olive oil contains these other oils that they will be listed in the ingredients? I've heard this claim before about lesser oils being used in cheaper olive oil brands so I checked our bottles at home and they appear to be pure olive oil. Thing is we bought them at Wally Mart which isn't exactly known for fine cuisine! We do buy the more expensive named brands though so I'm hoping they are pure O.O.
    No, they won't be listed. Olive oil is absolutely riddled with corruption. I would recommend reading Extra Virginity... that was a really good book. Buying more expensive doesn't guarantee you're getting pure olive oil, but buying cheap does virtually guarantee you're not.

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