I'm wondering about this. My mom never bought sugary snacks, or chips or any of those yummy things my friends all seemed to have in their house. My dad was the baker of treats but was only allowed to bake once or twice a month. Whenever we did have treats in the house we gorged on them. Food was low fat, no/low salt and not very good. Boiled chicken breast with no salt and a little pepper with a side of iceberg, tomato and a piece of wonder bread, anyone?When I moved out I was able to buy my own food, food with flavor! Of course I gained weight and even though I eventually switched to very healthy home cooked meals, kept gaining. Whenever there is candy or cookies around I want to eat all of it. It's a very powerful compilation that I'm still working on. The drive to eat all the treats near me has gotten much better since going primal.

Anyway I'm wondering if by strictly limiting or all together eliminating traditional kid treats from my children's diets, will they leave my house as adults and binge on junk? It seems like all the kids I grew up with that were surrounded by junk are thin and healthy adults. They aren't tempted by junk because its always been all around them.