I want to start this thread and talk about the key to relationships that nobody talks about and it is really primal.

This is the power of touch.

Nothing helps people feel better and more balanced than a lot of healthy touch with loved ones.

If you have a dog or a cat, you know what I mean. But most of us don't realize the importance of primal touch for ourselves and our loved ones.

If you want to have the best relationship, just off the charts, simply snuggle and cuddle with your life partner every day. If you can't one day because you're busy, do a 2 minute hug, preferably naked. Even 30 seconds of attentive hugging and a passionate kiss is all that is needed.

Strangely this should be every day as consistency is important if possible (it still works if you go on trips without your partner, but when you come back, some really aware and conscious reconnecting is important.)

Why does this work so well? It works because we are designed to have a lot of healthy touch, for a long time, and be close physically to our loved ones.

This activity boosts oxytocin levels. Oxytocin helps us feel more secure, more trusting, more loved. It soothes anxiety and removes depression. It makes eating right easier. It helps us by cutting down the effects of addictive or habitual behaviors and makes it easier to stick to our resolve with diet or anything else.

You can go further with this when having sex, but this is step #1, and the most important step, and you cannot imagine the benefit in your entire life.

Ask me any questions here and I'll be happy to answer. Thank you.