I have several secrets to my excellent health.

I have been on and off paleo since the late 1990s I guess. Tried Calorie Reduced but hated being hungry all the time and losing so much weight.

Tried "low fat" and that was horrible.

Atkins, Protein Power, and finally Paleo. With a year or so of IFing with the Warrior Diet.

Then I started grinding my own grains and making bread, but then I went back to paleo about six months ago. And that is where I'm staying.

I don't cheat much and have no difficulty sticking to paleo. My only cheat is some white chocolate (I am intolerant of real chocolate. White chocolate is cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids and vanilla bean, so it isn't chocolate at all, but the fat is chocolate fat which I think is very healthy.)

Currently I take no medication, am close to my ideal weight (although I could lose a little bit) and have an amazing wonderful life, in every respect. Blood pressure 115 over 72 just now, heart rate 60, and I don't get a ton of exercise (could do better in that) but I am consistent with some running and whatnot.

Lately I got a stand-up desk so I stand most of the day every day instead of sitting, which is REALLY cool.

One secret that I have employed is related to breathing, kind of a natural breathing method that restores the function we are intended to have and that makes most people much healthier. I think it's more important than what you eat.

Another secret is a fantastic sex life. I make love with my partner of over 25 years maybe 4 times a week for 30 minutes to an hour. And we have an extremely close and loving relationship due to a lot of cuddling and snuggling in between. This is a recipe for complete happiness in my book.

My purpose in being here now is to get some social support for getting back to intermittent fasting. I think that the longer I put off having my first meal of the day, the better I feel.