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  • The Hobbit

    19 50.00%
  • James Bond film

    19 50.00%
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Thread: Which would you rather watch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjmc View Post
    I'd watch Bond but I'd read The Hobbit.
    That's my preference as someone who has never read an Ian Fleming novel, and has never (yet) seen the film version of The Hobbit.
    This^^^. Bond is meant to be a purely visual experience, fast cars, big explosions, hot girls, Daniel Craig looking delicious.
    The Hobbit is a mental experience. You go into that world in your mind and make it your own.
    I like both Bond and Middle Earth. They are just different kinds of entertainment.

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    I'd watch the Hobbit. I love fantasy. I love the visual fantasy world in my mind while reading and also seeing it represented on the big screen.
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    I'm picking Bond in this fight. I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy back when they first came out but the Hobbit just doesn't thrill me as the original trilogy did. Skyfall more than lived up to my expectations after the misery that was Quantum of Solace, and so I pick Skyfall.
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    I've never understood why Quantum of Solace is so reviled. It wasn't great, but it didn't suck either. Anywho, I enjoyed the LOTR trilogy in book and cinematic forms. However Jackson totally butchered the Entmoot, it did take a while to forgive him for that.

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    I would rather watch The Hobbit. There are only 2 Bond films that I liked "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "Live and Let Die". I am just not into most "spy" movies. So, in this case, it's just a personal preference with little to no literary backing.

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    I'll probably see both. But, if I have to pay to watch ~~ The Hobbit would be the one. I can wait to see James Bond.

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    Hobbit. I can never understand the appeal of Bond movies. Most of them are not that great. The newer ones are better, but I sort of can barely remember them. I sure hell remember LOTR, and watched it multiple times As well as read it well before it was a cult thing, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis View Post
    But maybe it's just me. What would other people sooner watch?
    LOL. It's not just me, but it's currently running 13:14, which is pretty even.

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    I want to see both. Currently reading The Hobbit.

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    I'm a fan of both and I've seen them both. You really can't go wrong either way.

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