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Thread: Danny Roddy slams Paleo on Matt Stone's Blog

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    Danny Roddy slams Paleo on Matt Stone's Blog

    The Peat Whisperer Whispers Paleo – 180 Degree Health

    I really don't get Danny Roddy or Matt Stone. They seem to have a big gripe with paleo, but when pressed, they revert to "you are just playing caveman". They both want us to eat in a way that increases our metabolism, as judged by pulse rate and body temp, and the prescription to raise both is 'more sugar'.

    From the article:

    Matt’s ideas resonated with me due to my experiences with my own health; however, they are not popular amongst our peers in the Paleo community.

    Rather than discussing ways to support the metabolic rate, those that view health from an “evolutionary” lens are finding new exciting ways to slow the life process.

    For example:

    Have you ever filled your bathtub with ice to engage in “cold thermogenesis”?
    Have you ever “felt great” on a 24-hour “intermittent” fast?
    Have you ever added a stick of grass-fed butter to a cup of coffee?
    Have you ever called fructose “f#%ktose”?
    Have you ever nodded your head in agreement with anything Robert Lustig or Gary Taubes has ever said?

    If you answered, “yes” to any of the above, you may be an unknowing participant in a phenomenon I have dubbed, “The Race to Torpor!”
    A Paleo Template: The Best Way To Combat Adaptation?

    So, before I ask these questions, I would like to state that I’m not interested in getting everyone to eat like me; in fact, I want you to eat whatever you want.

    However, having gone through the wringer myself, I empathize with those who are stuck in a dietary paradigm that is not getting them to where they want to be.

    If you’re following a “Paleo template” and are still experiencing problems, I believe that ruminating on these questions is pertinent:

    Are pulse rate and body temperature meaningful health diagnostics?
    What makes more sense: slowing the metabolic rate, increasing it, or is it a “U-shaped” curve?
    Does the way you produce energy have any significance in health?
    Carbon dioxide appears to be a central feature in resisting stress and maintaining health. Why is no one in the Paleosphere (besides Chris Masterjohn) talking about it?

    To sum it all up: Do modern-day “Paleo templates” provide the appropriate context for dealing with the unfavorable adaptive changes seen in stress, sickness and aging?
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