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Thread: Little variaty with meat choices

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicmerl View Post
    That was my thought too. Slow cookers are so easy to use, and make the meat so tender. We basically never cook casserole in the oven anymore. Even topside steak gets slowcooked.
    Yes, and you can get away with cheaper cuts and make then taste melt in you mouth tender and yummy. Slow cooker beef heart stew is great.

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    If you do want to add a bit of variety and short cooking times, ground meats can be a possibility. Slow cooker or cooking stove-top or in the oven during the down times (overnight) are also a possibility.

    If you like snapper, you can always give a shot to other inexpensive white fish, like trout and tilapia, just bake it whole in wax paper.
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