I found MDA about two years ago and have read a few of the books, and all of the getting started stuff. I've read other books and blogs too (e.g. Gary Taubes, Michael Eades) and I'm convinced that this makes sense. But that's not enough to get anywhere. Maybe if I got some more copies of those books and started lifting big piles of them!

I'm male, just over 5'7" and weigh 219 pounds. That amounts to a 45" waist and a 19" neck (my jeans are 38" or 40", thanks clothing manufacturers).

I function OK, with a full time job, despite being tired and grumpy most of the time. I'm in my late twenties and, so far at least, I haven't noticed any major health issues. Nevertheless, when it comes to moving heavy things around (e.g. moving to a new house a while ago), I'm a sweating wreck. Maybe it's because I function OK, make a living, married with a place to live, and no major health complaints, that I've been unable to follow the advice I know to be good. The low-level tiredness, low self esteem, etc. aren't really enough to motivate me into action.

When I first came across MDA, I instantly cut out sugar, bread and all the usual baddies, and in about three or four weeks, lost three quarters of a stone and felt really good. I'd wake up in the middle of the night, then have a second sleep (a good sign I think?). In the morning, I was wide awake, no grogginess. Then I'd get sleepy again early around 10pm and go to bed, waking before the alarm. My mood improved. My waist shrunk quite a bit in that short time. All in all, it demonstrated very quickly that even just with the dietary side of things, this works. For those few weeks, I looked forward to bacon and eggs for breakfast, or pork chops or steak with huge piles of rocket and other greens for dinner with a few pieces of cheese through it. Once I'd eaten, I'd eaten, and it didn't occur to me to have anything else until my next meal.

But that was it. I don't know exactly what happened. I mean, of course I know. I must have started eating sugar again. But I can't really pin down the day. Maybe someone offered me something, and I thought it'd be rude to refuse in someone else's house. Maybe after that, I wanted more sugar, "just a little won't hurt - 95/5 ratio of good/bad would be OK wouldn't it?", then back to several bars of chocolate in an hour some days later.

Every so often I come back to this site however. I've known what it feels like to escape this low-level hell, for however short a time, and I want to do it for the long term. I know this is all much more about the future than it is about now. I'm not exactly sure how to avoid a repeat of the last time though.