Dear Mark...I hope I can get this thought out of my brain and not have it sound odd...

In light of the horrific school shooting today in Connecticut, I'd love to see a blog post about the connection between the SAD and violence? People have been killing each other for years, but it seems that the motivation for these young men who drive these massacres has been very different in just the last 10-15 years even. It feels like the deterioration of our food quality is behind a LOT more than just our huge behinds.

Both of my young kids were taking naps this afternoon when I read the news and it made me weep for those parents who lost their babies to this violent nut case...just the thought of someone shooting at kindergarteners?! I can't help but connect the way people eat with their behavior. Personalities, life experiences, mental problems aside...I'm interested in the comparison between the behaviors of a primal person, and a "normal" SAD consuming person. And of course, which foods contribute to ill behavior?

I'm new to the forums (that's the catch-phrase for, "don't shoot me if this has already been a topic!") and I have too much here to read, and not enough patience to sit at a computer to do it! Hopefully this hasn't been covered ad nauseum...if so, could someone kindly point me to a good thread? If not, I'd love to hear your thoughts!