Kaoticturtle's rant about her RD mum and her horrible advice brings this to mind. Recently my husband had some minor knee surgery. It required seeing many, many 'Health Care Professionals'.

At the local clinic where his preliminary tests were done the nurse practicioner was very plump, the RN was so obese she had trouble walking. At the state-of-the-art surgery center in the city, with a huge staff of 'Health Care Professionals', from check-in to roll-out after recovery I noted exactly THREE people who were not overweight; his surgeon, his anesthesiologist and one of the nurses.

Now, these folks are fantastic mechanics. Artists actually, being able to repair a bit of torn tissue in a human knee with just two tiny holes and send the patient home that afternoon. I'm in awe. If I break bones or puncture an artery GET ME A DOCTOR! But for nutritional advice I'll pass. I swear to God if that giant nurse had said anything to my husband about nutrition I'd have snapped a gasket. It's like getting mental health advice from Charlie Manson fer crissakes.