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Thread: Primal Banana Walnut Bread

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    gotta make this stuff again soon!

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    I attempted to bake an almond pizza crust once and was turned off the whole 'Primal baking' thing for a while thinking it wasn't worth it because it was nothing like real bread.

    Boy was I wrong. This banana bread was one of the best I've ever had! I also added dark chocolate chips and some raisins for a little extra something (wanted to put in some shredded coconut too, but didn't realize we had run out).

    I also used some ground flax seed in with the almond flour and it worked out well.

    Can't wait for my bananas to get overripe so that I can make this again!

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    It tasted pretty bland to me, maybe I should have just made one loaf and added the cinnamon and vanilla. The almond flour is an expensive ingredient to waste since it takes half a bag for this recipe.

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    My kids love banana bread, this just solved one of the problems with converting them!!

    To the person asking about freezing bananas, I freeze mine whole, in skin. When I take them out for smoothies, I just break it in half (snaps right in half) and then run it under hot water for a couple seconds, then scrap with a knife, the peel comes right off

    22lbs lost since giving up grains!

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    This sounds fantastic! Man, so many almond flour recipes I wanna make!! Honeyville, get here! lol

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