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Thread: Primal Banana Walnut Bread page 2

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    Many thanks for that recipe ! I forwarded it to everyone on my email list.


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    This looks effin good. I have neglected this sort of treat.


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    awesome banana bread recipe!
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    Ho. Lee. Crap.

    I made this, and it came out of the oven about an hour ago. It is now gone. I was able to steal one whole piece before my roommate and two buddies (none of whom eat primal) ravaged the entire thing. I didn't tell them it was until they finished, and they were all shocked. SO GOOD. And ridiculously easy.

    Thank you!

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    Sounds incredible..
    Little Saiyan

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    Quote Originally Posted by randallfloyd View Post
    How's best to store this cake. I'm only going t be baking it for myself I think, but I don't fancy eating the whole lot in one day (I do, but for the sake of money and health..)

    I hear bananas don't freeze well. Anything I can add to the recipe to make it keep longer?
    actually, bananas DO freeze quite well; i have some in the freezer now. You want to peel ripe bananas before freezing. [ETA: in my vegetarian, green-smoothie days, I'd freeze bananas broken in to "serving" sizes on a baking sheet before putting them in a freezer bag; that way, they wouldnt stick together and i could easily take out as much banana as needed at a time instead having to thaw out the whole bag!] Then bring them to room temp before cooking with them (yes, they'll turn to soup but that's OK cuz you're just going to mix them up anyway!). There shouldn't be any reason you can't freeze the bread, too!

    *** Now, I'm excited to try this out. I just made two loaves of "traditional" banana bread tonight made from Nourishing Tradition soaked flour (in other words, I started it the day before). I cooked and cooked and cooked this stuff; the outside is tough and virtually burnt while the inside is still gooey. blech. tasty, but blech.

    so i'm looking FWD to building this - later, tho. I'm tired!

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    Tried this with linseed flour this week... was ok, but almond flour is much better

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    I just bought some coconut flour. Do you think this recipe would work with that instead of almond flour?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bokbadok View Post
    I'm told you can make it, but I've never tried. You can get it from any health food store -- Bobs Red Mill is very common; Amazon also sells my favorite brand, Honeyville Farms. It's very expensive though - I use enough of it that I buy it in 25lb boxes which is far less per pound than the 1lb bags at the health food store, or the 5 lb from amazon.
    Do you buy the blanched or natural?

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    Hi, I'm going to make this very soon. Could someone please tell me how much almond flour to use. The OP recipe has 'cups' as a measurement. I'm new to cooking and not sure how much to use.

    Also, how will too much/too little flour affect the outcome of the cake?


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