I was vegetarian for about 5 years, and now I'm trying to switch over to primal. I thought I would be more hesitant...but eating meat again was about as easy as it was to stop. Beef doesn't taste very good, but fish is pretty delicious. The problem is I'm experiencing nausea and having trouble pin-pointing the source...

I eat meat almost daily so I'm wondering if it's just taking my body a little time to adjust. There was one day where I definitely had too much and it seriously upset my stomach. But...it's been about a week now, I feel like my digestive system should be accustomed to it? I wasn't even vegetarian for that long. >_>

I'm still eating grains (I wanted to reincorporate meat before I made another big change and dropped grains). Maybe I need to just take the plunge and cut them and see if that's what it was (though I don't recall them causing nausea before).

Lastly it could be my birth control pill... >_< When I was taking it in the mornings I'd have a lot of nausea in the afternoon. Now I take it at night before bed and I don't feel nearly as bad, but maybe it's still causing problems. It's hard to tell.

Soooo....yeah. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated... XD