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Thread: How far have you fallen off the paleo/primal bandwagon this holiday season? page

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    How far have you fallen off the paleo/primal bandwagon this holiday season?

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    We've all been tempted at these social events that are coming up, because of Christmas. Mince pies, pastries, breads etc. So how have you coped?
    I had a few days where wheat made up a significant portion of my diet. Went round to one persons house and made pizza. Another day there was nothing to eat in the house but packets of mince pies.
    At first I found nothing wrong with reincorporating wheat after years but then I noticed that I really started craving a proper meal. Meat, veg and fat, where are you! Then I noticed my energy had gone, though this may be due to me become ill the next day.

    Either way, I'll be happy to go back to an implicit ketogenic diet and not touch wheat again after this holiday season.

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    Honestly, I've been pretty much on track as far as food goes. Just have had way too much wine :P

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    I started in July and have fallen off the wagon briefly twice. (Wedding in October and Thanksgiving) It hasn't really affected my waistline, but I also pay the price the next day. I have learned that going back to grains and carbs will negatively effect my body. I cheat once in a while with a beer or glass of wine and I dont think thats so bad.
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    i've done pretty good this month so far, but i know that i'm going to drop right off the primal planet at least once this weekend, and then probably every day for the last ten days of the year. i visit a lot of friends and family, and i eat whatever is there. i'm lucky that i don't really have any food intolerance. i may feel a little run down or groggy, physically, at times, but i will certainly be having fun.

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    Not at all so far. I will eat tons of cookies from dec 24-26 and live with the consequences (aka living on the toilet for 1-2 days afterwards).
    Then its back to normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarAbe View Post
    Honestly, I've been pretty much on track as far as food goes. Just have had way too much wine :P

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    Ugh I can't fall too far! Thanksgiving I actually did really well for the most part - a VERY small serving of cornbread stuffing, and I made a primal pumkin cheesecake! But that night we went to visit some friends. I ate like half my cheesecake and went crazy on these chocolately pretzel things. Well, I didn't have a drop to drink that day, but the next day I had one of the worst hangovers of my life! BOOOO SUGAR. It's really helped me to think before eating sugary crap. Yesterday I had several wafer cookies at work - I just couldn't resist. And by the time I got home I had a pretty bad headache. I ate some bacon. I try now to have some fat with my sugars!
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    Fell off a bit at Thanksgiving, maybe had 1 meal per day that was non primal, or had dessert in the evening. I fully plan on taking the 24-26th off, and then 30-31st. Even when taking 'breaks' it means I still avoid wheat as much as possible, not a complete blow out.

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    I don't have a social life, so I don't have to worry about parties. The extent of my falling off the wagon was just eating normally on Thanksgiving. I may or may not eat normally on Christmas. I've kind of burned myself out with junk food with my reverse dieting, but I don't count that as falling off the wagon.

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    Right now I intend to deliberately SIN against the Holy Paleo Spirit once a week, eating sinful stuff like cakes and ice-cream - but God forbid, no bread, hehe - and stay away from it for the rest of the week! Have some vanilla ice cream with a splash of Jack Daniels and dark chocolate rasped over, and a large piece of chocolate brownie, yum...

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