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Thread: How far have you fallen off the paleo/primal bandwagon this holiday season? page 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekron View Post
    Not at all so far. I will eat tons of cookies from dec 24-26 and live with the consequences (aka living on the toilet for 1-2 days afterwards).
    Then its back to normal.
    I'm in the same boat. For me it will be my grandma's pumpkin pie, which is so not primal, but oh so good! There are a few other cheats as well, but I have pre-determined the consequences will be worth it.
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    I had a turducken muffin (stuffing, eggs, turkey, chicken, and duck baked in a muffin pan) on Tgiving. And I had the most disgusting chips and a jar con queso just because I hadn't had any in over six months and I was obsessing, so I got it out of my system. Hoping I don't grow a third anything from the GMO corn.

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    Haven't fallen off yet, and don't plan on it! I find it super easy to remain Primal thru the holidays, even if overeating a bit. So many good roasted meats, veggies, cheese, chocolate, coffee drinks, etc... nobody even notices you aren't eating dressing when you pile your plate with turkey!

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    Because of the celiac thing, I never end up eating most of the baked treats, but some people go out of their way to make sure they have some special gluten-free things for me, and I happily enjoy them. There's a balance between eating primal and enjoying the social aspects of food over the holiday season. If my mother-in-law makes sure she makes some meringue cookies for me or a friend offers some gluten-free vanilla ice cream with berries, I'm going to enjoy it.

    Basically, I've decided that for December, I will make some wiggle room for special seasonal foods at holiday celebrations and then stay fairly strict through the week. It's a reasonable compromise for me. I don't buy into the Primal Purity Police game and believe that part of healthy eating includes sharing in the social and cultural aspects of food (with accommodations for specific medical needs, of course--I'm not eating wheat because I will become seriously ill).
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    I'll be relaxed on Christmas day and that's it. The Miniature Heroes are going to be calling my name! Aside from that, I found out today that I'm being whisked off by an old school friend to the Philippines on the 28th.....and I just bought a bikini that I really want to rock!

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    I haven't fallen. But then again I hate social events and avoid them like a grinch.
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    Oddly, I fell off (or drifted as I call it) some months ago, gained some weight, felt crappy and all of that. I'm back on since the week of Thanksgiving and feel much better for it. I will probably suffer a little drift during the holidays but plan to keep things in perspective.

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    I'm generally happy to eat some sugar and fruit so that I can share enjoyment of a dessert. Like owly I have to avoid gluten as it makes me ill.

    There are plenty of delicious gluten-free dessert recipes out there now. I found one in a newspaper and gave it to my Mum last weekend so we can make it at Christmas. It's mini-trifles made in glasses with layers of soft cheese mixed with lemon juice and honey, crushed amaretti biscuits, pomegranate and crushed pistachios.

    Another mainstay for dessert is meringue-based recipes with fruit, cream and liqueur.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Damiana View Post
    I haven't fallen. But then again I hate social events and avoid them like a grinch.
    wanna go out

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    I'm not tempted by baked goods at all. They exist and I ignore them. If eating too many fruits in summer is falling off the wagon, then I guess I did, but I don't regret it for an instant. Other than that, I haven't eaten off primal at all. And I don't really understand why anyone would. Once you get how unhealthy grains and sugar are for you, how can they tempt? Once you've eaten them and felt like shit, why would you want to do it again? eh, I just don't eat stuff that will make me feel bad. Like raw peas...lesson learned. I love them, sure, but I'm gonna cook them next time.
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