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Thread: One Main Meal a Night and my Experiences From it...... :)

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    Talking One Main Meal a Night and my Experiences From it...... :)

    Hi all,
    I havent dont much in this forum since joining BUTTT I am going to start being more active here bc I love learning from you all...

    So I started eating a warrior diet/caveman power diet/paleo/Primal diet along time ago(idk the exact time), and then stopped and recently(within 3 months) started again....

    I started working at a place that requires me to do physical work and on my feet ALLL Day, at first I was stressed, and miserable, so I would eat ALOT on my break then want to just go take a nap when I got back to work. Lol.

    So I went back to my diet, that worked so well for me in the past: instead of eating a big meal on break I had a handful of mixed unsalted nuts. Went back to work feeling lighter, strong, and awake.

    I find the less I eat during the day, the more active I am.... I then eat at night, in almost a rewarding manner, eat a huge healthy meal. Eggs, or Red Meat, or Fish, or 2 of those 3, with some veggies, and maybe some sweet potatoes, etc(you know the foods).

    Everytime I get on this way of eating I experience:
    Fat Loss
    Mental Sharpness
    Sense of well-being

    All great things..... I LOVE this way of eating and wonder if anyone had the same benefits Ive had from it?
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