Ok more like help me force him to clean up his act!

He's been suffering with psoriasis for about 5 years now. It all came on right before we got married (don't blame this one on me!) and I'm guessing was stress-related. I feel like he's got many other issues which caused his psoriasis. He sneezes and gets congested after a few alcoholic drinks (um, hello intolerance!), refuses to give up soda entirely, was eating junk fast food 1-3x a week, just had a continuous headache that lasted 48 hours. He's currently on Enbrel (which isn't working anymore) and some steroid creams. I also think he's got a raging yeast infection. Poor guy.

Where do I start? I've read about 10 billion recommendations for vitamin A & D supplementation, candida diet, coconut oil and ACV, chickweed salves, yoga and meditation. Nightshade, dairy, egg and grain removal from the diet. He's not too keen on a crazy elimination diet so where to start gradually? Does kombucha and kefir count as a fermented food? I'm thinking about trying to incorporate more of this in our diet.

We've both been pretty much primal (me more-so then him) since about April. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and I've seen a GREAT improvement in symptoms from going primal but still have some lingering issues. I want to start something in January and have him go off all of the drugs, especially enbrel.

Thanks for reading my rambling!