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Thread: Suggestions for cold work lunches page

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    Suggestions for cold work lunches

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    Hi All,
    I need some help mixing up my work lunches a little bit. Currently I have been doing lettuce wraps with chicken, peppers, and onions. It is good, but I would like something to mix in every other week or so.

    Here is my criteria...
    - Must have protein
    - Doesn't need to be heated (hate microwaves)
    - Can make it ahead of time on Monday and have it be good till Friday

    Open to any and all suggestions. No allergies and I like pretty much everything.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Boiled eggs, Fruit, Nuts, Cheese, Jerky.
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    Make a pot roast, eat the leftovers. Thin sliced, cold, salted beef is awesome. You could then add some good hot sauce to the (cooked) veggies and eat those cold too.
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    My go to lunch is a couple of boiled eggs, raw carrot sticks, a couple of chunks of cheese, maybe some ham or salami and an apple. I like to slice it all up at work and eat it like a tasting platter. Can change it around depending on what you have in the fridge at the time (celery sticks or an orange or a handful of olives etc), almost no prep at all at home and just a few minutes at work.

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    My cold lunch options lately have been the following:
    - Big Ass Salad: Lettuce, Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, Tomato, Capsicum, Cheese (leave that out if your not that way inclined), Boiled Egg, Bacon, and either cold Roast Chicken, or ham.
    - Egg & Vege Frittata thingy - sorry don't have the full recipe because the wife made if and I haven't the faintest clue, she tells me there are like 7 veges in it.

    But of late I have been digging hot lunch options, I have been doing up nice stir fry veges on the sandwich press at work - much to my workmates jealousy!

    Cheers and happy eating!

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    I make a big frittata and cut it into wedges - it lasts a few days and tastes great cold.

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    I don't eat lunch.
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    i don't know if anyone else would find this appetizing, but i absolutely love a really spicy chili served cold

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    Tuna in water! Get rid of the water and put on a splash of lime juice. Eat some raw broccoli beside and perhaps a glass of cold Coke Zero…

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    Nice big salad with a can of salmon or other canned fish, guacamole with some hard boiled eggs, the guacamole is not going to last the week but only takes a few minutes to put together in the morn.

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