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Thread: How to cut bones for marrow?

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    How to cut bones for marrow?

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    So my issue is I've got 8 inch long femur bones. I'd like to cut them length ways and scoop them out, but I'd even settle for short cuts so I could actually cook them.

    Only rub is that I don't know how and I doubt a kitchen knife will do the trick. Hacksaw maybe? Anybody have any experience with this?

    I've looked at the other marrow posts and googled, but no luck on how to cut (or cook for that matter) long femur bones.

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    Halifax, NS
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    do you own any power tools? every kitchen should have a good saw or two :P

    I've cut bones different ways. a pull saw to cut the pieces to length, or to split the bone you can score it length ways to damage it, then flip it over, stab it in the middle/ lengthwise with a good knife/le (survival knife, i use my kabar) and twist, usually opens right up quick.

    I'd use the power tools tho.. they are a great choice... otherwise i have damaged the ends, roasted whole femurs (lamb) and went to town with a hammer

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