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Thread: Weak Shoulders... need female encouragement!

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    Weak Shoulders... need female encouragement!

    I am a 53 year old woman, 5'3, 128 pounds, and have been working out plus riding and mountain biking for over 3.5 years now. I am working with a great trainer at my gym who is really focusing on my shoulders and upper body strength as that is my biggest weakness. It is S_L_O_W going, for sure. My trainer at my last gym basically gave up on my arms and shoulders and focused on my lower body strength - but thankfully this one isn't giving up. I've a very tight t-spine we are working on loosening, and of course working on everything attached to it. We are working really hard on t-spine mobility - that in itself is enough to cause problems lifting anything properly over the head.

    Basically I just want to hear some encouragement from other women who have overcome this particular problem. My lower body and core strength at both in good shape - I can leg press 430 pounds 6 times, and hold a plank for just under 5 minutes. Of course one can never have too much core strength, especially dynamic core strength which is my current focus in that department.

    So ladies, speak up and tell me that there is hope for me! I know I shouldn't compare my upper and lower body strength, and certainly shouldn't compare myself with the others in my small training group, but it is so difficult not do to so...
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