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Thread: Non - Meat Meals that are not grilled fish page

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    Non - Meat Meals that are not grilled fish

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    Need some cheap ideas for picky husband:
    My initial thoughts-
    Tuna salad
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    If he likes fish, there are a whole range of fish cakes and fish pies that would be suitable. But if the "not grilled fish" means that he doesn't eat fish - then I'm with you on frittata, omelettes etc.

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    If you are both working out of the home let him cook for himself.
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    Sweet potato and salmon fishcakes? Don't have the recipe saved, but have seen it online.

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    You can poach cubed halibut in boiling water and dip it in butter and it's what we call "poor man's lobster". Probably cod and other white fish would also work for that.

    Pan friend Salmon patties are good.

    Seafood gumbo is good (no rice).

    I like fried oysters- spice 'em up and pan fry them. Delicious.

    Clam chowder with a few modifications to be paleo.

    I love baked fish, salmon or halibut. One recipe I have involves using a cup of mayo, cup of sour cream, scallions, chopped onion, and a little flour (sub with almond flour would be my recommendation), mix all that together and spread on top of the fish, then top the entire thing with shredded cheddar cheese. It sounds weird but is delish and comes out tender and juicy because the mayo seals in the moisture.

    I do tend to lean on if he's that picky then let him fend for himself. In our house if my guy doesn't want to eat what I cook on my night to cook (we rotate cooking chores) then he's on his own, I'm not going to make him a second meal. I do avoid his "hates" such as olives and brussel sprouts, but other than that he can eat it or leave it but I'm not making him something else. So far I can't recall that ever happening, although we have agreed in advance before that he wanted pasta that night and so he makes his own meal and I make my own meal separately.

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    Sweet potato puree with goat cheese:

    boil cubed sweet potatoes in heavily salted water until edible, but not mushy
    Puree in a food processor with garlic, turmeric, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, cayenne, and butter. add a little water or chicken stock if needed, until it reaches a mashed potato-like consistency.
    Fold in chunks of goat cheese and sprinkle with chives or green onions
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    Cubed avocado, cubed cheddar, olives, sunflower seeds, bacon
    Olive oil and lemon dressing, s & p
    Perhaps crumbled pork rinds on top

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    *My obligatory intro

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    Eggs and white rice
    Baked potatoes with cheese and assorted veggies
    Vegetable soup with potatoes ( I make a really easy one with low sodium v8)
    Clam chowder, new England or manhattan
    Chebe pizza
    Cheddar broccoli soup
    Cream of mushroom soup
    Cream of potato soup
    Broiled scallops
    Shrimp stir fry w/ veggies
    Shrimp tacos
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    Ahhh... soup.... I had forgotten soup and chili.


    He is picky, but can not fend for himself. He actually pays me to cook for him now.
    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!

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