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Thread: Hey, we made the worst diet list of 2012........

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    Also, people generally don't post threads (although some do) like: I'm Feeling Great, Help!
    Lol, I wish more people realized this. Sure some of us doing well just like to hang out, but the ones starting threads are usually doing so due to some issue. Most of the time its people dealing with chronic illness trying to understand how to better heal themselves. Considering that some of these people have been to multiple doctors that are unable to help them is it any wonder that they have a little bit more difficulty than others?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barefoot Gentile View Post
    And this is surprising?! The titles of thread in the last week are, my fingernails are soft, my skin is dying, I am aging, I am weak, is wheat making me crazy?, my skin is yellow, i have no energy, I think this diet is making me depressed!

    Eat come carbs and feel better everyone!
    People tend to blame any change, good or bad, on the diet thing. The truth is, many things people worry about, both positive and negative, are correlative. They just started primal and now they have a cold--bang, the diet must have caused it. Or they feel like their allergies are less, and regardless of whether there's been a seasonal change, it must be the primal diet. Sometimes people do experience interesting effects from changing their food, but we also tend to look for weird changes when we change something in our diet, and we also tend to assume that any change we do notice must be because of the food. The placebo effect also comes into play. That's why randomized trials are better than anecdotal evidence. Human subjectivity is weird.

    Some changes are related to people's transition to primal, but they are not always because of cutting carbs (although that can happen). People may also fling themselves into overexercising, vastly undereat, or do all sorts of things that are certainly not exclusive to doing primal. I belonged to a more conventional diet message board a few years ago, and many of the same problems happened to people there doing traditional low-fat, low-cal diets.

    And if you'd read the aging thread, the most likely cause there is someone working a rotating schedule of day and night shifts, which pretty much every medical professional agrees is crap for your health.

    (Not sure why I'm responding to this anyhow, because I won't convince you, but there are other people who read this board who might find it helpful.)
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    Articles like this are so valuable to me. When I hear or see what the popular media or government recommends, I pretty much know that what is the right thing to do is 180 degrees from their recommendations. If I had not already found the PB way of living, this article might have steered me this way anyway.
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