Just to say... not turning my back on PB, just feeling a tad frustrated.

OK. So I dont do the weights thing... I swim instead. I live in the dismal raining north west of England, so havent seen sunshine for months. I work inside at a sedentary computing job... it pays the bills.

My weektime diet is:
Breakfast: 3 rashers of bacon
Lunch: baked potato with tuna mayo
Tea: either a self-made curry with salad, or a cold salad with meats
Snacks: evening only (dont snack in the day) ... cashews, raisins, almonds. 2 squares of dark chocolate (Tescos Finest range).

I have no idea what the carb load is... but I'm guessing pretty low. Total calorie intake I think is around normal, or slightly below average.

Sleep is my normal 6-7hrs per night. Always has been. I'm not tired after sleep, so its the right amount.

The good news: my diabetic numbers have been superb. Havent had a full blood workup, but my home-measures are all in the normal range. I'm amazed how long I can go on 3 rashers of bacon. Rocket fuel

The bad news: in 4 months of this, not 1lb of weight loss.

Any ideas what I can do to get the lbs shifting, to speed up the metabolism?

Please remember with any advice, as a diabetic I need to take regular meals - I cant risk a hypo by doing IF.

All help appreciated.