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Thread: 2lbs Grassfed Round Sirloin Steak

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    2lbs Grassfed Round Sirloin Steak

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    I have a very large 2lbs round sirloin steak from my meat order. I was thinking of chopping it up and making a crockpot stew with it. Any other ideas or excellent stew recipes out there? Mine always turns into a soupy mess.

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    Is it a lean steak with little connective tissue? If so, I would cook it to medium rare on the inside and serve it with some horseradish cream. Lean cuts with little connective tissue generally just get tough with long cooking times.

    Why do you say your stews are a "soupy mess"? Is the broth just really thin? If so, you could try adding more gelatin either in dried powdered form, or by making your own beef stock. You could also strain out the meat and reduce the liquid.

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    Personally, I'd cook and eat it as is, in one sitting. Yes, I can do that. 2 4th of July's ago I had an english roast that I cooked like a steak (all the grocery had left when I got out of work haha) that was about 1.9LB after cooking. Sadly, I was hungry like 2 hours later.
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    Seems like most people put too much liquid in stew to begin with. Your meat and veg will give off a lot of delicious juice that makes a rich broth. You don't want the meat/veg covered, maybe just up to half.

    I always put in a 1/2 cup of cold coffee in mine. Adding reconstituted gelatin at the end does make a difference in the broth as well.

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    Why not either roast it until very rare (120C internal temp then rest for 20 imputes) or cut it into individual steaks and cook those. Or chop into 1 inch cubes, thread onto skewers and grill until rare. Or make a stroganoff.

    I couldn't bear to use a wonderful sirloin as if it were a silverside or rolled brisket. There are lovely cuts especially for slow cooking, braising etc!

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