In spite of how good I generally feel, the lines on my face are getting deeper faster than seems normal. Could just be that I'm not a puffy balloon anymore, or the sun I've seen. At 28, I looked 25. But now at 30 I look 35. I've been doing Primal about three years now. I can't help but wonder if it's the excess protein? It's not just my imagination, people have been overguessing my age lately. Now that I've rebuilt my body and restored my health, I'm wondering if it's time to go higher-starch instead of glycating protein every day. I've ridden the ketosis train, and I'll ride it again. Heck, I might even be able to get away with cutting protein in half and not changing anything else. I just don't want to ruin the feel-good energy and stable mood I generally have these days. I mean, I FEEL awesome and perform physical labor really well. I've had gains on bike rides lately and nothing is really wrong - except my face! Even when my skin is clear I just look a little - haggard, stressed, something is off. And my eyes like to get bloodshot now and then, I still can't figure that out. But I have to ask myself, if I'm not going to have kids until I'm almost forty, is it wise to spend all my youth now? Have I traded longevity for an awesome mid-life? Is all the extra protein messing with my organs, blood pressure, and other functions?