Hi all,

I'm Nijel, 29 and currently live in scotland,U.K (its soo cold this time of the year). I have heard from a lot of friends that going primal its great for weight loss and given them great results in terms of reducing their bf% and losing overall weight while staying lean and toned so I wanted to try this in the new year. Ordered the primal blue print book and am excited and looking forward to it .I came across this blog while looking around on the internet for a new way of eating.

In the past I have bulked upto 85kgs and although i did build some amount of muscle I was feeling bloated and lethargic. So I have been doing intermittent fasting and that has belped me bring my weight down to 77kgs. However I found that I did lose some strength and muscle tissue in the process as well while feeling hungry and tired during early morning workouts. I currently do three days of weight training, one day of boxing and one day of kendo.

I am 175cms tall at 76kgs with 18% bf as of today.As someone who is looking to build muscle and / or increase strength how does does eating primal fare? If the principles are followed would I still need to eat in a caloric surplus (around 3000kcals) in order to lean build muscle mass while minimizing fat gains?. I am happy to be part of the community and eagerly looking forward to starting to eat primal.