Hi everyone,

I've been following Mark's Daily Apple since January and have been actively following the Primal Blueprint since February or so. It's given me a much healthier outlook not only on what I eat but also on the way I live my life and protect my health, and I love it. However, I've recently decided I'm not totally happy with my body composition and want to get a little leaner, so I was going to attempt to go lower carb for a little while--just a few days at first--to see how that feels and if there are any results.

My goal starting yesterday is not to exceed 50 grams, but I realized right away that was going to be really tough. Using an app on my phone I estimated by intake yesterday to be 56 grams, and today about 63 grams (I really wanted broccoli at dinner!). I'm a vegetable lover, and resisting the urge to eat lots and lots of veggies seems very hard and unnatural. My question for all of you who are on very low carb diets or who have done them in the past is…what do you eat?? I know leafy greens are good, but I found myself eating copious amounts even of baby spinach. I love nuts (and probably eat way too many), but what else do you recommend that isn't meat (or nuts…I eat way too many nuts as is)? If I eat too much meat in one day I start to feel a little sick.

Thanks in advance!