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Thread: confused about how to build muscle

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    You ate 3 eggs, 1/2 cup of chicken salad, and 1 chicken thigh, then a bunch of paleo garbage food. Eat more animal protein foods and the fats that are naturally attached to them (I.e. MEAT!)


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    Yeah, your sample menu is pretty puny. You will find it hard to pack on muscle with that amount of food. You might have to get used to the idea of eating when you aren't exactly hungry if you want to gain weight. Meat, Cheese, Nuts, Fruit. If your concern with dairy is just a concern and not a real issue, I would start drinking whole milk and see if all is well. Then, get yo ass in a squat rack and start squating! (if you are worried about injury, get a trainer until you feel comfortable).

    Lots of primal foods (with the highest caloric value). Barbell training and keep it real simple. Hell, squats and deadlifts once a week could be enough. Suspend any type of cardio workout (if you're doing any). Sleep!

    I actually had some lower back issues until I started deadlifting. You might find this exercise helps...
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