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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    I honestly think you should lift barbells. You also need protein and calories to build new tissue. You can't build tissue from nothing and you need bone and muscle tissue. If 2200 cals is difficult now, it won't be once you lift some real weights because it stimulates growth hormones in the body. You can start with small, light barbells and work up, but go for the big movements (squat, press, deadlift) right away because they build more strength overall in the most natural way. I started with 20lb presses. I'm up to only 50lbs but I'm not ashamed. I wasted a lot of time with body weight classes and still struggled with 20lbs so don't waste any more time if you don't have to.

    Here are two resources for you to consider:
    Starting Strength: Article

    Meet Staci: Your New Powerlifting Super Hero | Nerd Fitness <- scroll down to what she eats. Maybe it will help you figure out how to eat more.
    barbel work is great for building strength fast. but, to the OP, do yourself a favor and work with a trainer...a good one...if you're worried about straining your neck and shoulders.

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    If you are as muscularly weekend as you say, ask your PT/Dr about doing something like this: Buy a weighted vest that you can adjust the weight through adding/reducing the pounds. They can be adjusted anywhere from a few pounds to 40lbs or more. ghts_prod3386542_pla&adtype={adtype}&Kpid=prod3386 542&sst=219dd8c2-0730-0ae8-ab1f-000063987efe

    You could start out slow and wear it light-weight for a period of time to see how your shoulder and neck feel. If it doesn't bother you add more time and then start adding weight. Build up to wearing it all day if you need/want to. If anybody asks why you are wearing it lie and say it's the doctor's/PT's prescription to help build load bearing bone density.

    Having that extra "body" weighted resistance will have an affect on your bone density and muscular support strength. You might even use ankle weights and do some dumbbell work at times during the day. If you get to a point were you can lift weights then you can ditch the vest and go to machine weight training a couple of time per week.

    edit: BTW how flexible are you in the shoulders and neck?
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    for the curious, heres what I tracked in Livestrong for the day I managed 2300 calories

    3 eggs (scrambled with coconut oil, and some almond milk) 345 cal
    1 c of almond milk mixed with chocolate almond milk 95 cal
    almond and coconut snack bar 200 cal
    'So Delicious' coconut mini 100 cal
    coffee with goat milk 80 cal
    green 'herb salad' (trader joe) 13 cal
    homemade dressing (EVO + balsamic) 40 cal
    1/2 c homemade chicken salad (with homemade paleo mayo) 320 cal (guess)
    1 c grassfed bone broth 100 cal
    4.5 oz organic chicken thighs (coconut oil) 150 cal
    leftover chicken hearts 35 cal
    homemade chicken gravy 135 cal
    homemade quinoa risotto 140 cal
    sauteed zucchini, mushroom, celery, garlic 15 cal
    'coconut mini' 100 cal
    1/4 c macadamia nuts 220 cal
    small serving Trader Joe Kale Chips 81 cal

    and there you have it.

    sooo much food.

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    I plugged my food into a couple trackers (livestrong, paleotrack, fitday) and today's food comes out to 2800-3000 calories. Here's what I've eaten/plan on eating:

    5 eggs, cooked in coconut oil

    .6 lbs ground beef with about 2 cups broccoli cooked in coconut oil/bacon fat

    .5-1 lb beef with about 2 cups brussels sprouts, cooked in coconut oil/bacon fat

    After dinner:
    1 can coconut milk with about 1 cup frozen berries blended up
    2 cups bone broth before bed

    I'm female, 5'9", 170lbs, 20-25% bodyfat (haven't gotten it tested in a while, last time it was 22%). I regularly do strength training with barbells (squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press). In the past year and a half, I've gained almost 20lbs. It doesn't feel like a ton of food to me, but when I was eating upwards of 4000-4500 calories/day (I was eating dairy then, too), it took about a month for my body to get used to consuming so much in one meal.
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    I'm a woman, and a huge believer in free weights. You are not going to end up looking like a man. You will end up with more muscle and stronger bones, which is equally as important.

    I think women should lift more like men. One thing that drives me nuts is the whole light weight, high reps thing that so many trainers recommend to women. That's useless. Lift like a man. Heavy weights, low reps. That's how you get muscle. You don't have the testosterone to bulk like a guy does.

    One book that recommends this is, "The New Rules of Weight Lifting For Women". It's a good book with lots of illustrations, perfect if you work out in a gym. If you prefer to work out at home, I'd try P90X or Supreme 90 Day. P90X has better instruction but Tony Horton has a tendency to push the whole "High reps, low weight" BS for women which baffles me because I know he knows better. Tom Holland, the instructor in Supreme 90 Day, pushes the women in his program to lift heavy.

    By heavy, I don't mean hurt yourself. If you have a bad back, then by all means be careful. I have lower back problems and there are just some things I can't do. I can't do deadlifts, for example. But there's a lot of things I can do, and I do those things. Just listen to your body.

    If you need to up your calories and protein, consider a protein shake twice a day.

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    I see lots of things in your diet that aren't really primal/paleo...
    Almond Milk (unless it's homemade, it's probably sweetened and has all kinda of junk)
    Almond and coconut snack bar (don't know what brand, but most snack bars are filled with junk)

    The reason I mention these is... they can have a serious effect on satiation.
    Eat some nice grass-fed beef, pastured eggs & bacon, salads, veggies, add bacon grease, olive oil, grass-fed butter... stay away from things that come in a box.... since you don't have weight to lose, you can also add some starchier WOE friendly carbs - remember that primal does not necessarily mean low carb... sweet potatoes, turnips, even white potatoes. carrots, bananas...

    As for exercise... already some good suggestions.
    I LOVE swimming, so I'd recommend it... but if you need to learn how to swim, it might be frustrating, which would make it hard to stick to. Whilst learning how to swim, I'd recommend looking into the Alexander Technique for swimmers...
    If your shoulders are so out of whack that you can't do stretching, yoga, bodyweight, etc., physical therapy is a great suggestion... (and do NOT be afraid of weights).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanmercer View Post
    I can eat 5000 kcals as a snack.
    i feel you! i don't understand people that have trouble with eating enough. i accept it, but i'll never understand it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalrob View Post
    barbel work is great for building strength fast. but, to the OP, do yourself a favor and work with a trainer...a good one...if you're worried about straining your neck and shoulders.
    +100 - this is very important if there is an injury concern and it sounds like there is. I've very weak shoulders myself and am working with an experienced professional on this.

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    I find dumbbells better than barbell work because they develop the stabilizer muscles and because my left arm can't cheat and let my right arm carry a disproportionate amount of the load. And kettlebells are even better - but absolutely get good instruction.

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    Hello Devotchka - I hve empathy with you, as I too have been trying to gain weight (muscle and fat); I started losing it in 2008, probably due to combination of factors including going on a macrobiotic diet and getting addicted to rice syrup; stress, lack of excercise, wrong food choices, poor digestion and elimination! Anyway, this year I started gaining weight (finally). Yes, some genetic types will have a bit more difficulty, but you just have to learn what foods suit you and work, esp if you have a fast metabolism. Pls have a look at or read the book, perhaps like me, you are the 'hunter' genotype, so eat some of foods which suit your individual genetic makeup; make some bone broths from a whole chicken or lamb/beef bones, this will strengthen your gut. Eat some duck if you can get it, oily fish ie sardines, wild caught salmon. I found olives, avocados, fresh juices of carrot/celery/ginger helpful. and as the others say, excercise regularly. I make ghee often and have it every day. I recommend just 3 proper meals a day (preferrably at same time each day to regulate digestion and metabolism), this gives your system time to rest and the pancreas stronger - you need good enzymes to digest the animal proteins and fats. Eat slowly and chew well, in a nice relaxing setting. Be patient and persistent, you will gain muscle and weight again!

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