After reading several of the articles and alot of threads on the forum, I decided to register and introduce myself - thus officially committing myself fully to the lifestyle of the Primal Blueprint!

A little bit about myself and my background:
I'm 21, female and I live in Denmark with my forever supportive boyfriend. That's pretty much it. Nothings been going on in my life for several years due to constant anxiety, depression, guilt, stress and plenty of other negative feelings, ruling and controlling my life for as long as I can remember. It seems to be common in my family.
Somewhere along the path of destruction I noticed that I would always make these grand goals for myself to accomplish within a certain period of time - striving for structure, precision and perfection. These goals often included losing a certain amount of weight. I weigh about 70 kgs (154 lbs) and well, most of it is fat. I would force myself to be eating less calories than I'd been told I needed per day, and thus began the routing of: 1 week of salad and chicken and NO fat, then two weeks of chips, chocolate and cake. And I would feel forever dizzy, foggyminded and the lack of motivation to do anything was obvious.

Well, I've started to eat primal with a few exceptions (which will be eliminated when january begins). It's been 3 weeks and although there may be several contributors, guess what: I can actually think straight again. I can read books and watch movies without losing my concentration. I can think creatively and constructively again. I have much more energy! And I'm getting more courage to speak to people and be impulsive - I signed up for a crossfit intro! I might have done that in a temporary summerhigh, but in the middle of december? I usually stay in my bed all day at this time of year (not much sun up here!).

Anyways this is getting long - I just wanna let people know how great an effect this whole process is already having on me

Cya around,