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Thread: I ate WHAT?

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    I ate WHAT? *update original OP*

    Ok, I'm a bit confused on a few things.

    1.) Can you eat as much fat/protein you want in the beginning? Today's my first day, I'm not eating often, but dear lawdy these calories are adding up quickly..
    2.) I've eaten 2220 so far (bfast at 10:30 and again at 3:30), I'm sure to get hungry before I go to bed, which is going to make those cals skyrocket. I'm just not comprehending how this is ok. I'm still researching the paleo/primal diet but I thought I had it "down" enough to understand to eat as much fat/protein (if you felt hungry) and keep carbs on the lower end for weightloss.

    I'm 5ft tall, 155lbs, body fat at 30.3%

    I'm sure I'm missing something here...

    Also, since I tracked my food today, I really noticed how much sugar I drink in my coffee... that's my one bad thing, but obviously that's gotta go. And, I drink a lot of coffee too, with a lot of butter lol.

    Help me out here, show me the light! lol - Thanks

    EDIT, this is my ratio so far today:
    Protein 134g
    Fat 150g
    Carbs 86g

    Went through and adjusted what my cals would have been if I took out:

    3 tbsp butter
    4 tbsp sugar
    1 tbsp sour cream
    changed to 1oz from 2oz sunflower seeds
    3oz pork skin

    and I get:

    Calories 1040
    Protein: 74
    Fat: 72
    Carbs: 22

    Which is MUCH better and clearly leaves room for more healthy protein/fat. Tomorrow is another day, with better decisions to be made
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