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    i eat salt until it is too salty.

    unless you know you are that 3% of mankind that has the salt dysfunction. eat up
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    i used to really crave salty food and used to add (pure sea) salt to a lot of my food. I actually just noticed today that I don't do that any longer - not sure whether I had some kind of deficiency that has now been fixed, or what. Either way, I'm not overly concerned about salt consumption.

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    Salt has been important for indigenous ancestors to consume. The Incas cherished it. I'm not clear how much they consumed though. I have began adding back in SEA SALT and PINK HIMALYAN SALT. Salt that has the pink tone to it. Since I don't eat any store processed foods, I add salt as much as I want. I sprinkle some on my fish/meat and tubers.

    Honestly tho, some foods I prefer to eat without salt. I feel that salt takes away from their natural flavor which I enjoy so much lol. Sometimes I prefer to eat my sweet potatoes without salt, i love their plain sweet flavor. But I have been adding it back in to see how I do.
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    I eat this salt: Sea Salt & Bath Salts - SaltWorks And I eat as much as I want.

    We have a 25 lb bag sitting in our pantry right now.

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    I don't add salt to my food when it's on the table, but I do use kosher salt (along with many.....MANY....other spices and seasonings) while cooking and when making fermented veggies. Never really bothered adding up how much though. When all is said and done, I guess I fall somewhere between 1,000-3,000 mg of sodium a day...maybe.

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    No idea how much salt I eat and I don't care. Haven't seen any good evidence that excessive salt intake causes illness. I use enough salt to taste and I cook the majority of my meals.

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    I don't keep track. Just enough so that it still tastes good.
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