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    Optimal Blood Testing Routine

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    I'd like to have the most comprehensive blood (or pee, hair, etc.) test possible done. And, I'd like to continually do this every 6 months or so, so having someone to help guide me through the results would be nice too. Bulletproofexec recommends wellnessfx but it is not available where I live. I also found this company -

    Does anyone have any recommendations on how to do this or a company to use? The bloodwork I've done with doctors has always been expensive so I don't believe that would be cost-effective.

    Here's a list I put together of things I'd like included in the test:
    check for low grade fungal infection
    testosterone, estrogen
    gluten sensitivity
    hormones - androgen, progesterone
    blood oxygen saturation

    Also interested in body fat, sleep, and heart testing but I believe that will all have to be done separately. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Seriously? You must have some major health issues if you need to test for that lot every 6 months. And fair enough if you really do have genuine concerns about your health, but honestly why on earth would you want to check all these things?

    For a start O2 saturations will only give you the smallest snapshot of that particular moment, they don't give you any idea about your overall health or what happened 2 minutes ago or 2 minutes into the future.

    Allergens and gluten sensitivity - why recheck every 6 months? Paranoia?

    Sorry but I can't see that any of these are necessary mostly they are totally OTT. Why not trust your body to let you know when things are out of whack? Sure get things checked once, but not point making sure your gluten tolerance is still the same every 6 months.

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    I agree. Unless you gave some specific, serious health concern, more than a typical blood panel is expensive and unnecessary.
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