I've been on a primal diet for about a week now.

Growing up, I was raised on lots of high carbs. Flour and sugar were in an abundance in my home. I always led a very active lifestyle, and despite eating lots of junk, I graduated high school around 140 lbs, and a size 10(1995) The summer after graduation, I became even more active, and although I was eating a lot of bad carbs, I managed to get down to about 130 and a size 8.

I continued to eat the same way for years, and had 2 kids. After my second child was born, I discovered the Atkins diet(around 2002). My body thrived on it, and I lost about 30 lbs. I eventually strayed from the diet, and went back to eating a lot of carbs, and packed on a few lbs. When I went to my first doctors appt with my 3rd child, I weighed in at 161 lbs(back in a size 10). After having him, I weighed in at 187(2009). I went back on the low carb(my body actually greatly preferred this diet, and lost weight easily) I stopped counting carbs, and added in a lot of fruits, and some nuts. If I had to guess, I was probably around 80 carbs most days.

I continued on a low carb diet from when I was 160 until I hit around 135, and then fell off again. My body reacted violently. I think it was due to being on the diet for so long, my body thrived on low carb. I was eating huge amounts of bad carbs, and I was constantly hungry. I was irritable, and not sleeping, yet I was still losing weight. I decided that I would have to stay on some type of low carb diet for the rest of my life.

After reading up on the effects of aspartame(I had switched to diet soda on Atkins) I decided that it had no place in my diet. It was a big decision, as I had become a soda junkie at a young age. I was actually looking for a low carb diet where I wouldn't lose weight when I came here.

My body responded very well to the change. I also decided to cut out coffee and alcohol at the same time. After one week of going back into low carb, I am sleeping well. The first couple of days, I took a nap, as my body was a little off. By the third day, my energy levels were up to where they were in my mid 20's. The last three nights I have slept about 8 hours a night. I have woken up without an alarm clock feeling refreshed, seeing hours I haven't seen in a long time(7am, 8 am)

The scale has dropped a little. I started at 128, and am currently at 126.6. My initial body fat estimate was 21%, currently it is around 19.6%. Maybe I am just meant to be smaller than I thought.

I even ventured into the health store and picked up some organic coconut oil yesterday. I added it to my eggs this morning. I am looking forward to picking up some sweet potatoes to add to my diet as well.

DH has also joined me on the diet, as he also did the low carb diets with me in the past. He has some weight to lose, but he also loses well on a low carb diet. We are also slowly leading the kids into the low carb world(I prefer the term good carbs actually) None of them are overweight, but if it affects my mood this dramatically, I can't see how it wouldn't be a good idea for the whole family.