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Thread: This may be a silly post but...dangers of long term use of earplgus?

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    yea I was worried about this...I came across some information like that a while back...
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    I have been wearing them for about 10 years nearly every night. I sometimes gets itchiness but never enough to bother me. There have been no other side effects that I have noticed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ally415 View Post
    holy crap...and I thought my two years of wearing them each night was getting excessive! 15 years? 19 years? I feel better now. I honestly have gotten too used to them. Like some of you guys, I can't seem to fall asleep without them now. I'm the kind of person that needs my sleeping environment to be black dark, and super quiet.

    Julie, I'm like you! I have such good hearing, even with my earplugs I can hear a dog barking inside a house miles away. My sister can sleep with noise and rarely gets woken up. But I get woken up if someone is just breathing next to me. I need my bed to be extremely still too. It's a pain when I have friends sleep in my bed next to me. I'm never going to find a succesful relationship lol.

    wow thanks everyone for the great recommendations.

    EagleRiverDee, that is a good point. The earplugs do give me health benefits in that I can get some good sleep. I live with housemates for the college semesters and they are not the quietest people when others may be sleeping. I don't understand why people can't be mindful of others early in the morning. I'm like a feather when I have people sleeping over at my reg house lol.
    Oooh girrrrl! Precisely the reason my husband and I sleep in different rooms and HAVE for more than 10 years.

    I can not STAND any motion in my bed, not ONE IOTA.

    Works for us. Everyone gets their sleep and is happy!

    I'd rather sleep on the floor than have anyone in my bed. So annoying. Sleep is very important
    around here.

    Especially since my TEN YEAR OLD has NEVER slept "through the night" barely once, so I get
    awoken at least ONCE, if not thrice times a night over stupid ass shit anyway. Don't need
    some 200lb man next to me tossing and turning as well. Harumph.

    So, hail to the earplugs!

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