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Thread: Liquid Nutrition/Limited Solid Foods/injury

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    Liquid Nutrition/Limited Solid Foods/injury

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    Been Primal for15 months. Great results. Need suggestions of good Primal shakes. I would order Primal Fuel but don't have time to wait. Went to the local GNC but left with nothing. Not a fan of boxes/containers.

    Need suggestions please until I can chew solid meat and veg again.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What happened?

    I would start with some good coconut milk or cream. Aroy-D is a brand that doesn't have any weird gums and such added.
    If you do dairy you can also use milk, kefir, yoghurt, etc. as the base. Since you are trying to pack a lot of nutrition into a glass, you could even start with cream or sour cream.

    From there mix in any fruit fresh or frozen, maca powder, and raw eggs. I'm not a big fan of protein powders either.

    Also bone broths are very good for getting a lot of nutrition in a cup.

    I hope you heal up well and soon.

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    not too proud, should have ducked sooner.

    any good suggestions/sources of bone broth?

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    A bunch of bones, some vinegar, lots of water, and a crockpot. Tends to taste better with some meat still attached to the bones.
    I had my wisdom tooth removed almost a week ago, so I have a few ideas. Can you do really soft food, like scrambled eggs, or soup?
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    I really like Sun Warrior raw vegan Warrior blend (closest Primal protein powder out there imo). I think the vanilla one is best, but the plain one makes good waffles when used in place of flour. Personally I use isopure. It's frankenfood, but it helps me keep my carbs low.
    You could do egg nog, too. Heavy cream + eggs + sweeten to taste.
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    I just found two cans of chicken broth and made egg drop soup, then blended it slightly. Wasn't too bad, but it has been 19hrs since I last ate, was about a 10oz chuck eye steak.


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