So I've been having a number of problems with my legs lately. At first I thought it was severe overtraining coupled with undereating, but after taking time off, the symptoms are still presenting themselves.

A friend mentioned looking into Venous Insufficiency, so I started reading about that and it seems to fit me 100% with the symptoms I have, except I don't have varicose veins or even spider veins really.

My symptoms are:
-feelings of achyness/fatigue when walking or standing (worse when standing)
-swelling in the legs
-symptoms get better if I lie on my back with my feet up or first thing in the morning
-at times, if I ever try to run (which I don't any more), I get a very, very bad itching sensation that makes it too painful to continue

Oh and on a rare occasion I take ephedrine for an energy boost for my workout and I find that on those days, most of these symptoms are gone as well.

I've been to the doctors and they kind of just brush me off saying I'm not overweight or old enough to have venous insufficiency. I am however going for ultra sound testing in February just to be sure... (I was adamant I wanted to check with them).

But something else that's crossed my mind, when I was at the doctor, my blood pressure came out to be very, very low.

Could this possibly cause the above symptoms?

I do notice that at times I feel very light headed upon standing or feel faint, especially immediately after eating and often experience a general sense of weakness or being almost 'fuzzy brained' as I go about my day.

I always just attributed it to being tired or something, but now this whole thing really has me wondering.