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Thread: What kind of Doctor?

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    Question What kind of Doctor?


    I'm very new to Primal and this site. I really need help. I'm considerably older than most of you, and find I've been a complete victim of the FDA and the HMO's and medicare. Because I'm in pretty seriously bad condition, is there a type of professional that can help me in primal type nutrition? I've been to the regular AMA nutrionists, and am told to eat high-fiber cerals, which made be very sick.

    So far, i've been on Primal 2 weeks and feel very much better, but I have some other problems I'd like specific help with. I have stringy poops that won't come out. This may be caused by pre cancerous polyps which I also have. Is there anything to help that? I also have an increasingly arthritic right hip which makes exercising (by walking) difficult.

    I'd really appreciate any replies.
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