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Thread: What kind of Doctor?

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    You might also try squatting to eliminate, which can help the mechanics until the diet helps with consistency. There are quite a few threads on the topic, and also a blog post by Mark. Just use the search feature.

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    I use a naturopathic doctor for everything and my health is 1000% better than when I went to a regular doctor. Most regular doctors treat symptoms and push pills, in my experience. Naturopaths look for the root cause, use integrative medicine (including herbs, massage, acupuncture, dietary changes, exercise, etc) and often enlist you in helping yourself. I love that my ND sends me home with reading material and "homework" to do. It makes me feel like I've got some control over my own health. And the diet often prescribed by ND's, the "anti-inflammatory diet" is actually quite similar to paleo/primal so you would probably also get support for your diet, whereas a regular allopathic physician would probably criticize it because it's not CW.
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    I'm 75. I don't know how to show my age in the upper left of my posts. How is that done.?
    I'm Female, been retired from Materials Engineer and Computer Security for 10 years.
    Completely ignorant of all life-sciences.

    I'll talk to my Gastroenteroligist about what you've said.
    Thank you.

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