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Thread: Primal Adventures of Matt

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    Wink Primal Adventures of Matt

    My name is Matt and I hope this is the start of a long, healthy relationship with Primal living and MDA.

    I started reading the Primal Blueprint about a year and a half ago. I tried to ease into it at the time but I was in the middle of a very demanding MBA program and did not have time to be fully committed. It has been a few months since I have graduated and I am now ready to fully commit to it. One of the primary catalysts for this renewed committment was I learned that one of my favorite teachers in the MBA program just passed away at age 57. He was a great teacher and he left behind a wife and two children. When I heard this tragic news, I resolved to improve my health so I could live a long, happy life.

    I officially kicked off my Primal adventure on 12/3/12. I weighed in at 250 lbs at a height 5'10" and barely fitting into my size 38 pants. So far, I have been doing great. In fact, I have really started to enjoy cooking! I purchased one of the Primal Blueprint cookbooks and have been trying out some recipes from there. I made a delicious pot roast last night with grass fed beef. This is coming from a guy that considered In-N-Out burger gourmet dining! In fact, I have not been eating out at all. Over the weekend, I went out to a farmer's market and picked up some produce. It feels so great to eat real food.

    Here is what I ate yesterday:

    B: Omelette with bacon, mushroom, onion, spinach, tomato.

    L: Kale salad with mushroom, avocado, tomato and olive oil.

    D: Pot roast (grass fed beef) with onion and tomato.

    I weighed in yesterday at 244 for a loss of 6 lbs. I also noticed that my pants are fitting more comfortably around the waist. Plus, my mood has been a lot better. I have always dealt with some mild depression, especially around this time of year. However, this past week I have felt tremendous. In terms of exercise, I am trying to do a lot of walking with my dog. Not surprisingly, she is very happy with the increased activity!

    Anyway, it has been a good first week and I'm looking forward to the journey ahead. I hope to add more play and exercise elements to my plan as I go.

    Weight goal: 190 lbs.

    That's all for now!
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