Hi Everyone! This is my first post and I am really looking forward to what everyone thinks. I am a division 1 baseball player and I have been living primal for about 4 months now. My body has never felt better. I don't get sick, I recover from minor injuries, I feel very lean and light on my feet, etc.. I am 5'10 and 4 months ago I weighed in around 195 pounds (around 14% BF). I weighed myself yesterday and was down to 170 lbs. I was no where over weight before, but after cutting out all grains and dairy the weight and fat just started to melt off of me. I know this is where my body should be, and once I am done playing baseball I most definitely will be. But for the mean time, in terms of competing as a division 1 athlete, and this may seem very counterintuitive, but how do I GAIN weight living primal? Having that extra weight gave me extra power in my swing and as I went about my game. I did not have any problem shedding the pounds living primal but now how do I go about gaining weight while still being committed to my long term health. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate you all taking the time!