Hi there. Got a question about pain on the bottom of my feet, but first a little history and why I think it is something called Plantar fasciitis. Used to be an avid long distance runner and throughout my life have always been wearing "supportive" shoes when doing so and in just daily life. Sorta got off the distance running phase and mostly weight training over the last couple of years. My weight has bounced around all the time, but since I have stopped long distance running and focused more on strength, I have gone from weighing 170 to about 220 (some fat along with that, ain't gonna lie, I definitely don't live perfectly primal). I also have a job now that requires me to stand on my feet A LOT of the time, especially when busy. Also after being on the website a lot, I started to do a lot more "play" cardio (walking and running with the dog, hiking, etc). After working the job I started to have lots of pains on the bottoms of my feet. It kept getting worse and worse so I started to try and take action (it hurts really bad first thing in the morns, which is why I think its Plantar fasciitis). I switched to LESS supportive soles of shoes when doing most things (barefoot shoes) and at work, bought slippers that kind of look like shoes. This seemed to be better than hard soles on shoes, but didn't fully alleviate pain. So I bought some foot pads for my slipper/shoes, and some floor pads as well for where I am standing. Once again, this helped, but on days I go on a long walk or hike or when its really busy at work (which requires me to stand all day), I still have the problems. So I am needing even more action...which is why I am here!

I bought a couple of foot massaging items (a porcupine ball and a foot roller). I PLAN on dropping some weight (I'm gonna do some weight circuit training instead of standard "let's see how much I can lift in 5 reps", with my normal play cardio, and of course try to cut out more sugars and starches). I was just wondering if anyone here had any more advice? Anywhere I google just says to wear really supportive shoes...and that's the last thing I wanna do cause when you do that, you're pretty much stuck wearing them forever. Barefoot shoes are pretty much what drew me to this website. Also, various website says "Stretches" for Plantar fasciitis, but give no details on what stretches are good.