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Thread: Resting heart rate

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    Resting heart rate

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    I'm experiencing a quite strange phenomenom; after a night's sleep my HR rises about 10-15% but my HRV rises too (measured by ithlete).

    Last day's data;

    09 dec 2013 - 23.00 pm hf/hrv 40,9/119
    10 dec 2013 - 08.30 am hf/hrv 45,6/112
    10 dec 2013 - 23.00 pm hf/hrv 42,7/110

    Did three trainings on 10 dec 2013, feel great waking up though this keeps returning while my resting HR was little lower when i didn't eat primal, was allways below 40. Chronic cardio, i know - though i chose to.

    Any thoughts? THNX!

    ps. This is one example though keeps re-occuring

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    Do you have better muscle tone eating paleo? Remember that HR is an adaptive process. More muscle (or the same muscle with increased tone) needs more oxygen. More oxygen means more bloodflow. More bloodflow requires increased HR, increased BP or a combo of the 2.

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    I thought heart rate variability was a good thing... But to be honest, I'm not sure what your #s represent.

    Is the first # HR? If so, 45 isn't that much higher than 40 - how much below 40 were you - 39 or 31? I wouldn't consider 3 data points - only 1 of which is really higher - to be indicative of much of anything

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    the heart is the most important part of our body. It is the heart that pumps blood and oxygen and unless the brain gets the oxygen it needs, no man would be living.

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