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    Tomato paste

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    Anyone using tomato paste often? I don't hear many people on this forum talk about using it. I love the taste of it mixed with vegetables and potatoes so I've been using i a lot lately. It's has a pretty concentrated source of lycopene and caretonoids which can help protect against sun damage and give your skin a healthy tone.

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    Nothing wrong with it as long as you find a good one without any sugar and other chemical junk.

    I use it mixed with a bit of red wine for the liquid around a pot roast in the slow cooker.

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    I don't use tomatoes as often as I used to anymore, due to eating lower carb for the most part and they can actually add up the carbs pretty quickly (especially in concentrated forms like sauces and pastes).

    But that said, I don't avoid them entirely. You are right about being a fine source of caratenoids and there is the lycopene. I used to be a fan of cooking up some mixed veggies and putting some tomato sauce on them (made with untrained ground beef, pork, or lamb).

    Tomato paste is great as a "flavor enhancer" for eggs of all types, it can make a quick salad dressing when whisked together with some good quality olive oil, a little salt, and some pepper as well as whatever other spices you want to add. I also have used it to add a touch of texture to certain dishes that need to be thickened, but you don't want to use traditional thickening agents for. It won't totally thicken things in the same way, but it's a nice variant once in a while.

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    Yep, it's a staple in my home (Sicilian descent, surprise). One ingredient: tomatoes, or organic tomatoes, depending what store I'm in when I run out. I actually started using it again because it was easier to find tomato paste that was crap free than it was to find tomato sauce that was crap free.

    If you use chopped tomatoes, Pomi is a terrific (de-freakin-licious) brand that doesn't come in a can. Expensive at WholePaycheck, not so much if you buy in bulk at Amazon.

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    I use it every time I make beef bone stock. Never much cared for it before I learned the tomato paste technique. Follow this lady's recipe:

    How to Make "Brown" Beef Bone Stock

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthBeachPrimal View Post
    I use it every time I make beef bone stock. Never much cared for it before I learned the tomato paste technique. Follow this lady's recipe:

    How to Make "Brown" Beef Bone Stock
    -Ryan Mercer my blog and Genco Peptides my small biz

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    I don't use paste often. I use crushed tomatoes in a lot of dishes though....and if I need it thicker I just simmer it for a bit longer. I was a ketchup addict and I am definitely a sauce addict in general. I despise dry foods. Probably why I dislike lean meats also. My food frequently is swimming in I alternate between marinara, fat based, and broth sorts of sauces. Sometimes a bit of a mix.

    My go to is a pound of 80/20 beef, 1lb bag of California mix veggies, and my own marinara (27oz crushed tomatoes, garlic, Italian seasonings, and red pepper flakes)....simmered all together and eat the whole mess with some fresh grated parmesan. And since I know your not low carb it will make you happy to know this will provide you with 85g of carbs . I sometimes make this my 1x meal of the day...sometimes its just lunch.

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    I personally don't use any pasturized tomato products

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