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    Is all organic butter pasture raised and grass fed?

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    if not, what should I buy from trader joes/sprouts?

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    I just bought some Kerrygold, It lists grass fed on the packaging. I looked at some other brands but think they are only from animals not treated with Antibiotics and other organic husbandry practices. I don't think not grain feeding is one of them.

    You could look at the diffrent packaging and call the makers to see if they could give you info.
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    If it's any of those things, it'll be on the package in big bold letters. You can bet they won't miss the opportunity to advertize that. I don't know if Trader Joe's carries Kalona, but that's the brand of pastured organic butter I get from the international market and it's all of those good things. Organic Valley is also currently doing a limited edition pastured butter, I saw it at Whole Foods, but it was about ten billion times the price of Kalona.

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    At Trader Joe's, look for Kerrygold.

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