It's been about five months since I first went primal. I pretty much did it cold turkey -- dropped grains, sugar, and dairy all at once. It's been a long time, so why am I still so painfully uncomfortable and hungry all the time?

Here's what today (a typical day) looked like for me:
Breakfast: 2 cage free eggs (fried in grass fed butter), 1/2 an avocado
Lunch: other half of the avocado with a Trader Joe's chicken sausage (searched the case for the only flavor that didn't have added sugar -- only meat and spices)
Snack around 3:00: 3 hard-boiled eggs
Dinner: 6 oz grass fed ground beef with a handful of peppers/onions and a few artichokes

This feels like a lot of food... yet I still feel like I could die of hunger (or maybe it's not hunger... maybe it's something else).

Something strange I've noticed: if I'm at a restaurant with friends and end up having a little cheat, such as adding in an english muffin with my eggs, I feel worlds better... satisfied for hours. When that happens, part of me wants to say "screw it" and return to my calorie-counting days with grains added back in. But I know that would not be a good choice.

Any ideas? I really appreciate it.