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    Quote Originally Posted by jakey View Post
    sounds like you'd feel better with some carbs (and maybe more calories, too).
    I agree with the more calorie recommendation first and foremost. Try that first. If you don't feel better on more fat (and some additional protein too), THEN experiment with adding back SMALL amounts of carbs back in (from primal-approved sources).

    Your mialage with carbs may vary though. Some do well on high carbs, others do much better with low carbs. Play around with the levels (from a very low 20 grams or less all the way to a relatively high 150-200 grams) until you find the right level that allows you to maintain your weight AND feel good. One should not be the goal to the exclusion of the other, it's about finding that sweet spot.

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    Your choices are pretty limited in variety, too. Processed meat (chicken sausage) and eggs mostly? A thick juicy steak, a pork roast or a trout now and then would spice things up a bit.
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    Eat carbs.

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    I agree with the other posters but wanted to add:

    If you decide to add in more carbs, I personally feel completely different based on where they come from. Fruit makes me crave more food of almost any kind even junk food even though it is out of my system. Veggies of the low starch variety, are great, but can also leave me feeling really empty very soon afterwards. Starches feel awesome, very filling, satiating, easy to digest and easy to keep under control as long as I'm moderate with the salt and fat that I add to the starches. When I overdo those then the small satisfying portion of starch becomes something that sends me on a roller coaster of overeating starch. THIS IS HOW IT IS FOR ME. Everyone reacts differently. My main point is that experimenting is essential and don't think carbs don't work for you just because one type eaten in one type of way doesn't agree with you.

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    To reiterate: constant hunger which is only satisfied by eating carbs is one of the main signs of hyperinsulinemia. Make sure you do not have that before you add carbs, or worse, fruit. That will only mess you up more.

    We're on a bit of a carb kick around here, atm, it seems. The "carbohydrate hypothesis" has it's share of detractors, which is fine, but for those who actually have hyperinsulinema (however they got it) it is very true.

    I think we could all give better advice if we had clear parameters - age/sex/height/weight and more info about diet. Have you run any FitDay calculations?

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    You definitely need to add more vegetables. And then go from there--adding meat, adding fat. I would add carbs (of course, primal friendly) last. But thats just me.

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    eat more. eat more real food. eat till your satisfied THEN stop. Don't stop because you THINK you need to.

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    Eat and add veg and fruit.
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    I see a real lack of dietary fat, except for that poor lonely avocado.

    Is it all lean hamburger? I definitely second the idea of eating some steak or roast, some pork chops, maybe a few slices of sugar-free bacon or ham with your eggs. Fill yourself up. Yes, veggies are good, too, but get some food into you.

    Have you looked at the eating/food guides at whole30, or in Mark's book?

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    Nth-ing everyone that you should eat more. You should go on FitDay or a related site and calculate how many calories you're might be shocked. Not sure if this is an issue (I take it you are a student so maybe money is tight), but I wouldn't worry too much about grass-fed, organic, etc. Go for as much meat and veggies as possible. Salmon, steak, chicken breast, chicken wings, beef, bacon, pork chops.

    If you can handle dairy, maybe add that in as well? Cheese and milk are easy and tasty extra calories.
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