I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi.

I've done low carb diets in the past(Atkins) So I am not new to the idea of eating fats and proteins. Also, as I have a fairly active lifestyle, and a decent weight and body fat%. I mostly stayed away from anything prepackaged(cost prohibitive) and found when I did eat something that was supposed to be low carb, but processed, it would trigger the same effects as when I ate sugar.

Even on Atkins, I found I had to up my carb intake fairly quickly. If I had to guess I would say I easily maintain my weight around 100-150 carbs.

I fell off the low carb diet when I continued to lose weight effortlessly. I made the mistake of adding grains mostly, and some sugars in. I have had a long struggle with soda, which I had switched to diet soda when I started low carb.

What brought me here, was I was eating huge amounts of food, and drinking far too much caffeine(mostly diet soda) and I felt like hell. I was having huge mood swings, and things that normally didn't bother me were a huge deal. I also was still losing weight, but it definitely wasn't worth it, as I felt like the rest of my body was suffering. Besides the mood swings, I was having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I am sure this didn't help my mood either.

I bought the book on Thursday, after reading around here a bit. I also read up a lot on aspartame, and decided that even though I was exhausted all the time, the diet soda was doing nothing good for me. I was drawn to this approach, as it was more a lifestyle than a diet. I like that it seems to encompass everything, not just eating.

As of Wednesday morning, I am 100% off soda(I also cut coffee out, at least for now) I am slowly reading the book, and understanding more. I started low carb on Wed, but I have added several fruits, and nuts to my diet. I even tried adding some bacon grease to my eggs, it was pretty tasty.

My husband has also joined me on this quest, and we are working on changing the kids diets also. Hubby is the only one with any real weight to lose. The older two kids are on the thin side, and my youngest is a little chubby(he just turned 4) Currently we are focusing on keeping the things they like in the house.(Avocados, broccoli, bacon, pork chops, carrots, bananas, tomatoes to name a few)

I am already starting to see changes in my own body. I am feeling much more mellow again, and I am sleeping better.

I have always had bad teeth, and I am sure cutting out the soda will help. Is there something that I am lacking that would help with this?

I am looking forward to learning more, and being more proactive about my entire family's health.