Hello everyone,

I am relatively new to the primal way of eating (approx. 6 weeks). A huge challenge I am finding right now is managing my hunger and appetite around when I feel I should eat with when Iím actually hungry.

Prior to finding the primal way my diet consisted of probably 80% grains. As a result I was constantly hungry and this was something I worked hard to avoid. I believed that skipping breakfast was a totally unhealthy thing to do. And if I did (skip breakfast or any meal for that matter)I would experience all the symptoms of low blood sugars and would end up feeling frantic for something to eat.

Thank god that even after only 6 weeks of eating primal this I have not experienced since. My appetite and feelings of hunger is such a different experience for me now. Itís wonderful.

However I am finding it very difficult to pull back on how much I am eating. I feel compelled to have 3 full meals a day with snacks in between and itís not my hunger thatís driving this! I feel like itís been engrained in to my brain all these pre-established rules around when a person should eat. Then combined with this feeling I have that I should avoid feeling too hungry or else Iíll end up feeling hypoglycemic and overeating Ė which is a pre-primal phenomena, I am finding it quite difficult to cut back.

I want to experiment with trying to fast periodically but that really feels outside my reach at this point. And most importantly I want to learn to eat when I want to....not because I feel I should or because it's "time". I read everyoneís accounts of how little they need to eat now or sometimes how they just skip a meal and its not a big deal and I think based on hunger aloneÖI could do that too, but how do I stop my own thinking from screwing with me? Is this something that my body will sort out over time? It has only been 6 weeks and I am after all working to undo a 36 year old habit.
Thanks so much for any comments or suggestions